Amanda Shu

What piqued your interest in the STEM field? How did this interest bring you to your current position?

I think I truly realized that I wanted to be involved in research during high school. I took IB Biology and did this high school internship and I realized that I loved research.


Who is your role model and why? (If not in the science field then who is your role model in the world of science?)

The people here at ISB are my role models.


What advice would you give high school students planning on pursuing the STEM fields in college?

Keep doing internships like this. That way, you can see what it’s really like. You can ask yourself “Can I see myself doing this every day for work?”


Other than scientific research what do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to bake, hike, cook, play piano (I played for 10 years)