Cole Hofstrand

Cole Hofstrand is a member of the class of 2017 and is a senior at Shorecrest High School. He has a passion for music, hiking, and metalworking, and is interested in games, weightlifting, and of course, science. At school he is a member of the Varsity Lacrosse team, Cross Country team, Science club, and Math club.

Cole’s interest in science stems from a desire to discover the unknown. As he has learned more about biology he has begun to realise that it is a broad frontier of unmapped systems and interactions, and Cole would like nothing more than to be a frontiersman. He says however, that his most impactful experience yet has been his internship here at ISB, where he has been able to see first hand and experience the scientific process. He worked in the Aitchison lab studying yeast under Dr. Thurston Herricks, and gained experience growing and mating various strains of yeast, even moving individual cells to isolate a desired variety. Such work has earned him the unofficial titles “Yeast Wrangler” and “Yeast Master” around the lab.

Cole hopes to attend Seattle University after graduating High School, and he aims for a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. After this he is thinking about getting a PhD in Bioengineering, and intends to jump into the world of science and make his contribution to biology, medicine, and health.