Tips and Tricks (for new interns)

  • There is a banana stand and occasionally free ice cream across the street through Amazon 😉
  • Sometimes there will be events with free food, and often the leftovers are left in the kitchen (keep your eyes out)
  • Attend the talks held by other scientists
  • Bring a notebook everywhere and write everything down, inside and outside of lab
  • Work on your website and final presentation as you go
  • Have your keycard on you at all times
  • Get started on your project as soon as possible because the time really does fly!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask; everyone is extremely friendly and very happy to answer your questions
  • Ask if you can use the 3-D printer that they have in the lab
  • Interview as many people as possible
  • Look stuff up. Make sure you’re in the know on lab lingo and the chemicals you are working with
  • Try to be independent (don’t ask your mentor “what do I do noooow” every five seconds), but also acknowledge that they are your biggest resource and are there to help you
  • Make connections! Share contact information and connect on LinkedIn

Everyday Phrases

“Who wants a banana?”

“I’m tired”

“She’s in the lab”

“Does anyone want to go get food?”

“No jumping”

“Look out it’s the yeast wrangler!”

“Don’t worry, be happy”

“Does anyone want to hear a skeleton joke?”

*Quiet Coyote*

“Don’t sass me”

“You have no chill”

“Where’s Cole?”

“Where’s Rachel?”

“Did you get my email?”