Athan Liu


Athan Liu is a proud Wolverine and rising senior at Bellevue High School. A self-described math and science aficionado, he took Calculus, Biology, Chemistry and Physics in the hopes that he would be able to obtain the knowledge to understand how everything in the world works. At the end of his classes, however, Athan realized that given the quantity and magnitude of problems there were, he would be unable to solve all of them during his high school career. As a result, Athan remains committed to his pursuit of knowledge and committed to using STEM to help the people around him. When not working on his problem sets and lab reports, Athan can usually be found in either roaming the streets of Bellevue with his Cross Country teammates, rehearsing with his string ensemble in the Performing Arts Center, or ripping his hair out trying to debug code for the school Robotics team. On weekends, Athan plays as a cellist in the Seattle Youth Symphony.