Linnea Stavney

Linnea is a running start student with two classes at Shorecrest high school and two classes at Shoreline Community College every quarter. Linnea’s passion is biology; she has an insatiable desire to understand the living world around her. Life is a spectacular, almost magical thing to her, and she believes the most important step to enjoying and protecting it is our ability to understand it. She is interested in the many aspects of science: field work, lab work, and teamwork, but science is not complete without communication. Whether it be as a college professor or a scientist who publishes papers, her dream is to explore the natural world, learn as much as she can, and then share her passion and findings with others. Working for ISB was the perfect opportunity for her to explore and refine possible career options and define the area where she can make a contribution.

Linnea is very passionate about the environment, which is why she has been a member of the West Seattle Environmental Leadership Council and the environmental club at her school. She is also part of a couple writing and reading clubs at her school and her local library, and has been published in her school magazine. She will been taking a fifth year of Spanish next year at her school, and was nominated as student of the month for Foreign Languages. This summer she will be hosting an exchange student from Cuba to improve her lingual and cultural knowledge, which she hopes to bring to her career for a more global impact.

Linnea has volunteered at various places, including being a waitress for Sons of Norway, a NOAA Marine Biology Junior Counselor, repackaging food for Food Lifeline, and taking care of cats through RASKC Animal Shelter. She is a part of National Honors Society and enjoys tutoring her peers in science and math to spread her passion for learning and volunteering.

When she was in her sophomore year of high school she was one of thirty biology students selected from her grade to go to the Bio Expo Science Fair in Shoreline, and won second place for her category. Her project was on bacterial bioremediation, and was in the teaching category, which meant she was able to combine her passions for environmentalism, biology, and education.

In her free time she enjoys drawing, playing guitar, and spending time with her family and cat.