Sumaiya Sathar

Sumaiya Sathar, a senior at Redmond High School, is a high achieving student interested in the sciences, especially chemistry and biology. Sumaiya has taken advanced classes in Biology and Physics along with college and university level courses in Marketing, Computer Science, Chemistry, Mathematics and Health. As a Running Start student at Bellevue College her goal is to acquire an Associates degree in Arts and Sciences by the end of this year.

From her childhood Sumaiya has always been interested in Science. Her mom, a science teacher, always encouraged her to experiment and ask questions. Sumaiya was a member of the science club in her elementary school, and was a member of the robotics club in both elementary and middle school.

In her Freshman and Sophomore years Sumaiya participated in DECA and Microsoft’s Hunt the Wumpus competitions from which she learnt many useful marketing and computer skills along with various other skills such as teamwork and communication. She puts these skills to use as a budding entrepreneur and a partner in a small business.

Throughout the years Sumaiya has learnt that the most important part of learning is giving back to the community. As an active member of the community and the Youth Director of the Muslim Community Resource Center, she organizes and volunteers at various activities and drives such as clothing, food, holiday gifts, and hygiene kit drives. Additionally she teaches classes at local mosques and volunteers at schools in the Bellevue/Redmond area as well as at various activities run by the BC Helping Hands Club, Muslim Student Association at Bellevue College and the National Honors Society at Redmond High. Once the school year starts she looks forward to volunteering at the Evergreen Hospital.

As an intern at ISB, Sumaiya, along with her wonderful partners Sara and Nida, worked on a few different projects with Halobacterium salinarum. She greatly enjoyed the experience of working in the lab and learning from the mentors and scientist who she looks up to. In the future, she hopes to use her interest in science to help with advancing medical research and helping those around her live a healthier life.

During her free time Sumaiya enjoys reading, rollerblading and spending time with family.

Links to Projects

Finding Low Cost Substitutes for Ingredients Used in Complete Media for Halobacterium Salinarum