OMIM & GeneCards

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM):

As interns in the Hood Lab, we learned about many resources research scientist work with. We were given tasks that included working with some of those resources. One of the resources we learned about was OMIM. OMIM stands for Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, it is a database that catalogues all the known diseases with their genetic components. When we searched for a specific disease, OMIM provided descriptions, clinical features, biomedical features, inheritance, mapping, diagnosis, ect. It was a crucial for us to learn about it and get familiar with it since we later started working with clinical cases. It gave us a insight on the kind of research a scientist goes through.



Another great resource the Hoof Lab interns used was GeneCards. GeneCards is database of human genes that provides functional information on all known human genes. Throughout our internship we used GeneCards to look up a gene and learn more about it. When we needed to see if a specific gene was linked to a disease we were able to get the information out of GeneCards. GeneCards provided us with the genes’ summary, genomic views, proteins, functions, pathways, expression, genomic variants and diseases. GeneCard was helpful since it was easy to use and we learned a lot about genes and the disease linked to those genes.