Eric Grewal

Eric Grewal is a rising senior at Monroe High School in Monroe, WA. He has a strong interest in science and technology, cultivated by years of exposure to the biotechnology industry, but he sought out this internship so that he could expand his research skills and gain experience working in a laboratory setting. He was most interested with the teacher workshop hosted by the Baliga Lab during his internship, in which he actively participated in preparation and as a student attendee, gaining a new perspective about science education and research in the classroom.

Outside of work, Eric serves as the District Treasurer for the Pacific Northwest District of Key Club, an international community service organization, and he competes at the national level in DECA and Hi-Q. He is also involved in educational efforts such as private tutoring and EdSuccess, which strive to provide free counseling and resources to students in need.

In addition to his academic interests, Eric also enjoys discussing finance, playing the violin, public speaking, basketball, and golf. After high school, Eric aspires to study computational biology or bioinformatics at a prestigious university and enter the industry as a scientific researcher, using systems and other creative approaches to solve biological problems.

Eric Grewal can be contacted through email at