Helen Ippolito

Helen Ippolito is a senior at Garfield High School in Seattle. After taking marine science and advanced biology courses at school, Helen was thrilled to be able to gain exposure to the world of scientific research at ISB as an intern in the Baliga lab. She loved being surrounded by scientific experimentation and innovation and really appreciated the open, collaborative environment cultivated at ISB. Helen’s favorite parts of the internship were learning new microbiology skills, attending talks given by other employees and visitors, and using some of the technology in the lab. This internship gave her invaluable insight about interdisciplinary research careers and opportunities that she hopes to pursue in the near future.

Outside of the lab, Helen loves playing the piano, scuba diving and knitting. She also spends time leading her school’s Women in Technology and Orca Bowl teams, and serving as a member of the Global Visionaries Youth Board.

Helen may be contacted at helenipp@gmail.com.