Dunaliella Cell Counting

Dunaliella salina Cell Counts

Objective: Learn how to count cells using a hemocytometer.                                                                    


  • Separate Dunaliella salina cells from any impurities in the stock sample                          
    • Centrifuge the sample for 6 mins in a 4˚ C room                                               
    • Pipette supernatant out
  • Load hemocytometer (Tutorial)
  • Set hemocytometer on microscope stage
  • Zoom in to 40x magnification                                   
  • Count cells

Counting Cells

To count the Dunaliella salina cells we had to use a hemocytometer that has four different sections. We counted the cells section by section until we found out the total amount of cells displayed. Afterwards, we used a specific mathematical equation to figure out the amount of cells per milliliter.

          Equation:               (average number of cells per quadrant)  x  (1000 mm3)  =  cells

                                                                    0.1 mm3                                                 (1 cm3)               mL