Christina Huang

Christina Huang is a rising senior at Lakeside School. From a young age, she has loved math and science, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn at ISB this summer. She enjoyed exploring genetic analysis tools, and was fascinated by Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and P4 Medicine! She found ISB particularly enlightening because it applied concepts from many different fields towards addressing real-world problems.

In addition to learning about science, Christina also enjoys sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with others. As a result, she is a member of various clubs promoting participation in science and math. She is a part of the Women in STEM club at her school, where she performs interviews, attends conferences, and volunteers at local events, and she is also a board member on the Young Women in Bio High School Board, which runs activity tables to get younger girls interested in science.

Outside of academics, Christina enjoys rowing on Lake Washington, baking, playing the violin, and joking around with friends. She looks forward to pursuing a career in science and engineering.

She can be contacted at