Baliga group

The Baliga Lab, lead by Dr. Nitin Baliga, develops models of biological systems, from single cells to communities of multiple organisms, that accurately predict adaptation to environmental changes. Utilizing a group of model organisms such as H. salinarum  and S. solfataricus, researchers in the Baliga group explore a variety of biological questions ranging form ocean acidification to oxidative stress in extremophiles. The basis of research in the Baliga Lab is the fact that model organisms react to perterbations manifested in ther environment, which allows scientists to collect dynamic data. Furthermore, the use of advanced technology and modeling softwares is employed to analyze data and yield insights into novel innovations in microbiolgoy and systems biology.

Through the Baliga Lab internship progam, mentored by Claudia Ludwig, we interns participated in many projects. We started by experimenting with Halobacterium salinarum by performing a growth curve analysis, then learned how to count Dunaliella salina cells. We also had the oportunity to listen to lectures by world-class researchers, interact with the brilliant scientists employed by ISB, and actively engage in a week-long teacher workshop. These were invaluable experiences that helped expand our knowledge of systems biology research and working in the biotechnology field.

The 2013 Baliga summer interns would like to thank the Baliga Lab, the Institute for Systems Biology and the National Science Foundation for hosting us and giving us the opportunity to explore the science field at a much deeper level. We are grateful for the experience we had at ISB and will thumbnail of small NSF logo in color use these skills we have gained in our futures.