In addition to speaking with scientists on a day-to-day basis, we also formally interviewed four ISB employees to learn more about their professions and educational paths.  We wanted to gain a better understanding of current scientific work and practices and to hear about Systems Biology from the people who continue to develop and implement it.  The people we chose to interview have a variety of fascinating, distinct backgrounds, from computation, to academic research, to administration and leadership.  It was very valuable for us to hear from individuals from these separate disciplines and  understand how they interact with each other.

Overall, we gleaned five 'big ideas' from the people we spoke with:

  1. Various pathways exist to careers in and around science.

  2. Interdisciplinary work and collaboration are key.

  3. Research and work should be driven by passion.

  4. Challenges are to be expected and embraced in science.

  5. Integration of technology is vital to research and innovation.


To learn more about each of the people we interviewed, please click on the following links:


Dr. Gustavo Glusman -  Senior Research Scientist, Hood Lab

Dr. Leroy Hood - President and Co-founder of ISB

Chris Witwer - Compliance Manager

Dr. Elisabeth Wurtmann  - Postdoctoral Fellow, Baliga Lab