Our internship wouldn't have been the same without the people that were willing to teach and mentor us. We want to thank the Institute for Systems Biology for hosting us this summer. We will also like to thank the Baliga Lab and Hood Lab for having us in their labs.

Special thanks to:

Mentors Researchers Faculty Other ISB Staff
Hannah Cox Rhishikesh Bargaje Nitin Baliga Dexter Chapin
Chris Lausted Gustavo Glusman Leroy Hood Mari Knutson Herbert
Claudia Ludwig Sean Michael   Zac Simon
  Elisabeth Wurtmann   Chris Witwer






This summer was truly a great experience. Institute for Systems Biology taught us to embrace challenges, think systematically, work as a team, use technology to our advantage, and never stop learning. We are very grateful for these lessons that we will take with us for the rest of our life. 

We'd also like to acknowledge the various organizations who helped support this internship program. The National Science Foundation and the Center for Systems Biology provided generous funding to ISB, enabling them to continue to support youth internships and education outreach.

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