Thanipa (Honey) Suwanchote

Honey is a rising senior at Foster High School, and a Running Start student at Highline Community College. In hopes of satisfying her curiosity in STEM, she has taken science courses, and participated in the University of Washington’s Math Science Upward Bound program, where she gained an interest in molecular biology and neuroscience.

Honey strives to stay connected and engaged with her community. She is involved in the Girls Swim Team, Leadership, and Asian Student Association, and participates in ASPIRE’s Youth Leadership Program. Upon residing and going to school in an underprivileged area, she recognizes the disadvantages she and other students face in obtaining adequate resources. Through her engagement in the Biotech Club and in the Tukwila Art Commission, she hopes to connect her youth to the opportunities they need.

Her passion in the arts and in science led her to be the co-founder of STEAM Aruc Pluvio, a club where high school students will plan and teach lesson plans to elementary students. She is collaborating with a peer to write and illustrate a children’s book about Henrietta Lacks, giving Lacks proper recognition.

At ISB, Honey collaborated with her partner Zoe Kanter, and mentors Jake Valenzuela and Chris Deutsch in the Baliga Lab. Their project centered around diatoms, where they conducted experiments to study the gene expression of the orthologs of T. pseudonana in future oceanic conditions. They have also assisted undergraduate student Kristine Prado-Casillas with her project, and helped develop a high school curriculum about resilience in ecological systems.

Her internship at ISB is a very valuable one as she has learned a lot of new concepts and a lot about herself. She sees this opportunity as a door for underrepresented youth to have an opportunity within science. Honey finds enjoyment in watching anime and gaming from time to time. Lately, she loves making ‘mini vlogs’ of her daily life and sharing them on her social platforms.


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