Food Reviews!

A few interns wanted to review some of the food trucks and restaurants that are around the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle; here are their results!

Food Trucks!

Kaosamai Thai food truck

Zoe: 9/10

  • Very flavorful, very good – extra noodles as leftovers for the next day- good experience.

Honey: 7/10

  • The Pad Thai was dry, but I really liked Zoe’s order.

Kristine: 7.5/10

  • The Pad Thai was fine, needed more sauce, something was missing.

Indochinese food truck

Zoe: 8/10

  • Texture was perfect, lots of flavor – I would eat again!

Honey: 8/10

  • Combining Zoe’s order with my order was perfect.

Seafood Chowder and Grilled Salmon Sandwiches @ Farmers Market


Zoe: 10/10

  • I remembered after ordering that I don’t really like clam chowder- however, I still would give them a 10/10 because that is not their fault.

Honey: 10/10

  • My teeth were hurting but this chowder was really good on a bad day.



Zoe & Honey: 6/10

  • Sauce was nice but needs more flavorrrrrrr.

Yumbit Food Truck

Zoe: 8/10

  • Texture and flavor was good. I liked Honey’s more than mine. Unfortunate that we had to eat during a meeting.

Honey: 9/10

  • Meatball was very filling. Good sauce, I liked Zoe’s fried chicken more than mine.

Tacos El Tajin

Zoe & Honey: 9/10

  • Solid. Dependable. Good Chorizo. Go-to place where we don’t know where to eat.

Delfino’s Chicago Style Pizza

Zoe: 15/10


Kristine: 15/10

  • Dough was very buttery.

Honey: 15/10

  • I give lots of hearts!!

Djung on Wheels

Honey: 10/10

  •  The Pad Thai was really nice, it’s my relatives’ food truck so y’all should check it out 😀


Zoe 9/10:

  • The sauce is really good, perfect level of spice. Wish there were veggies, Honey agrees with the veggies 👍

Ice Cream Express

Zoe & Honey: 11/10

  • Ice cream was mediocre but it was free, everything tastes better when free!