Sagunya Malhotra

Sagunya is a rising Senior at Eastlake High School. She seeks to combine her interest in technology and science with her passion to make a difference in society, hopefully touching lives. Sagunya’s passion for science and STEM blossomed in middle school building 0.5oz balsa-wood towers that stood over 800 lbs in weight and designing VEX competition robots. She loved her high school Honors Biology class which prompted her to explore interdisciplinary summer internships to enhance her understanding of science and the world.  This led her to join the ISB research internship in the summer of 2021. After completing the 2-week internship, she continued her enriching journey by participating in the STiSA Stewardship Environmental project. During this project, she designed and launched a program for middle school students to learn how to bioengineer a sustainable world. In 2022 Sagunya was selected for the ISB 7-week Research Internship for rising seniors program, researching proteomics with her lab partner and mentor. She expects to continue a lifelong journey exploring the world of science and providing stewardship in solving the challenges facing us to create a more sustainable earth.

Within school and also outside, Sagunya is involved in several clubs. In her free time she enjoys volunteering and has the City of Sammamish and community service organizations, both, in leadership roles as well as in a participatory manner. She earned the her Presidential Volunteer Service Award by actively giving back to her community, raising money and supporting local and international charitable organizations, especially those focused on care for women and children.