Joaquin Orozco

Joaquin Orozco is a rising senior at Lincoln High School in Seattle, Washington. His interests span all of STEM, with special interest in biochemistry and computer science.

Joaquin’s experience in computer science started when he took a coding introduction course in the 4th grade. He fell in love with the subject and started learning JavaScript through Khan Academy, eventually expanding his experience to Python, HTML, and CSS. Over time, he found he especially enjoyed breaking down a complex system into its smallest parts, and then modeling them using code, and this is what would eventually lead him to ISB.

At ISB, Joaquin partnered with Teoman Toprak, and working with Serdar Turkarslan, he helped validate a causal mechanistic flow model of Glioblastoma Multiforme. Along the way, he learned about the MINER algorithm, Jupyter notebooks, and expanded his experience in Python greatly.

Outside of academics, Joaquin enjoys swimming, and is an active part of Lincoln High School’s Swim Team. He also enjoys yoyoing, and he has performed a choreographed routine of tricks in front of a live audience. He plans to found a yoyo club at Lincoln High School, to teach others how to do tricks, as well as give them the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience.