Margaret Li

Margaret is a student at Eastside Preparatory School in Kirkland (no, not Eastlake High School, nor Eastside Catholic High School). Her favorite subject is literature, but she enjoys her fair share of computer science, data science, math, and biology. Margaret likes to stay involved in her school community and participates in numerous clubs and programs. Outside of school, she enjoys volunteering, reading, baking, interior design, and spending time with her son, a rambunctious Ragdoll kitten named Howl.

Margaret started interning at ISB in October 2021. She worked with Dr. Eric Deutsch, the Principal Scientist at the Moritz Lab on the PeptideAltas Project. She is thrilled to continue working on the project over the summer with her new partner, Sagunya. During her time at ISB, Margaret strives to get to know the beautiful South Lake Union neighborhood surrounding ISB and hunt out all the ice cream shops and eateries local to the area.