Omar Aziz

Omar is a student at Eastlake High School and is a part of the Running Start program at Bellevue College. Omar harbors many interests, including computer science, soccer, and community. All throughout his childhood Omar played with different block building code programs like Scratch. These programs were the fundamentals for his interest in the computer science field. The convergence of critical thinking, and problem solving is what really fascinates and intrigues him. Throughout the years Omar had participated in many community building projects, especially in the Muslim minority group in Puget Sound/ greater Seattle area. He Participated in youth groups that brought together the community and enriched it. These interests and projects are what motivate him to go further and do more, especially when it comes to his career. Giving back to the community will always be one of his catalysts and will always be part of his focal points of his career. Computer science can play a large part in giving back to the community, through development and  implementation of different technologies that aid in cancer research. This niche is what Omar hopes to pursue through his career, and ISB was able to provide a small taste of what a career like that could be. In his time at ISB, Omar worked with high school intern Emily, and undergraduate intern Katie on the knowledge graph API project.