Application Advice

Written Application:

Make sure your application showcases your experiences and skillsets, especially those that could be applicable to the internship. However, it's more important to show your passion and your goals for this internship, as well as what you can bring to the table. Be sure to do your research and choose a few examples showcasing why you'd like to work for ISB. This experience is designed to be a learning opportunity, so it's okay to be a beginner. You are not supposed to know everything! Just make sure you convey your passion to learn and why you're interested in the internship.

Phone Call:

It is important to prepare a little, so you should definitely do whatever they ask you to do in the email. However, there’s no need to look through all the links, you should  browse through a few and do deeper research on the topics that interest you. It is better to have  specific knowledge of a few topics than general knowledge of the whole organization.

This is not an interview!! It is more like a casual conversation. They are wanting to know if your interests align with the research of the mentors they have available so they can match you up for the next, more formal, interview. There is no way to know which mentors are available, so just represent yourself honestly and share your genuine interests.

Video Interview:

Research your potential mentors’ background and the topics they focus on. Think of some questions about their research to ask during the interview.

It’s a good idea to practice answering some basic interview questions beforehand (with friends or family). Make sure you don’t completely memorize answers, but this can help you be more confident.

Before the interview, make sure to take some deep breaths. It’s ok to be nervous, but you should also be confident.  You got this!