Teoman Toprak

Teoman Toprak is a rising senior at the International School in Bellevue. His favorite hobbies are to spend time with family, hang out with friends, and play the saxophone. Through experience, he has grown a fiery passion for biology, mathematics, and computer science. As he grew more skillful in these fields, he became aware that these fields were all interconnected in a way relating to cancer research, infectious diseases, and genetics. He wanted to dive deeper and gain a fuller understanding of these concepts, however. To quench his thirst for knowledge, he has taken numerous collegiate level courses through colleges, certification programs, and even working to complete additional research at renowned institutions. Not only this, but he also enjoys giving back to the community and finds it as a motivator. Whether this be helping students break language barriers by working as an assistant teacher, teaching children in the Turkish community how to speak Turkish, or even tutor in mathematics/reading in multiple organizations, Teoman deeply believes that community building is part of his core identity and hopes to continue giving back. His work at ISB has only opened even more ways that he could execute his skills into diving deeper in cancer research. As his growing skills in biology, mathematics, and computer science pave new paths for him to give back to the community, he aspires to become a successful researcher in the future.