Onyie Okoye

Meet Onyie Okoye,

Onyie Okoye is a rising senior at Tahoma High School and will be graduating in the class of 2022. With an insatiable affinity for STEM fields, she has experience in a multitude of subjects. Particularly, she is interested in the fields of computer and software engineering, neuroscience, physics, and mathematics. Through various clubs, classes, and independent projects, she has been able to actualize her passions. During school, she participates in the AP program and has accumulated a roster of their classes and tests. She is also a member of her school’s NHS, WISE, and HOSA clubs, and the co-founder of a club connected to the Amnesty International organization.

Throughout her childhood, Onyie picked up bits and pieces of computer science and technological knowledge through various youtube channels and playing around with Blender and Unity. During school and with some independent studying, she formally learned her first coding language, JavaScript. During her internship at ISB, she picked up python. With her python knowledge, she has been able to learn Object-Oriented Programming and practice app development.

A large segment of her free time is dedicated to language learning. Over time, linguistics has become an interesting subject of her attention. The two languages which get the most of her time are French, which she studies as a school subject, and Japanese, which she self-studies. Her interest in the Japanese language was her gateway into ideas of input, passive and active listening, comprehensible input, and other keys to language acquisition. In the future, she plans to study German, Mandarin Chinese, and Danish.

Outside of school, she indulges in other interests and hobbies. Video games are an easy way for her to relax, especially Minecraft and a recent gacha game called Genshin Impact. She spends a lot of time reading online webtoons and comics, as well as doing riddles from all parts of the internet.

At ISB, she worked with her partner Zainab and her partner Alex Carr on a project identifying and depicted the relationships between various lifestyle factors and diversity in the Microbiome. She personally focused on smoking frequency and exercise frequency, utilizing Google Colab, the American Gut Project, and the Alex’s guidance to complete the project. During the internship, she got to join both the Baliga Lab and the Gibbons Lab and attend their weekly meetings. Her experience at ISB was invaluable, and she will carry the knowledge she gained from it throughout her future research and educational endeavors.

If you need to get in contact with me, please email onyieokoye@gmail.com