A HUGE Thank You To:

Rachel Calder 

Rachel, you have been like a big sister to each of us throughout our entire internship at ISB. Thank you for being a stable support system for us to turn to throughout all of life’s ups and downs. You are such an inspiration and role model to all of us and we are so grateful for getting to spend the summer with you. Thank you for creating opportunities for students and for everything else that you do for SEE! 

Claudia Ludwig 

Claudia, you have taught us so much about not only being a hard worker but also having a kind heart. Thank you for all that you have done for us, from long website meetings to heartfelt talks, we truly appreciate it. You are someone each of us look up to and all the work that you do for SEE is outstanding. Thank you for making this summer so memorable!

Becky Howsmon 

Becky, we are so grateful to have been able to work with you at ISB and your efforts to create opportunities for students is really commendable and greatly appreciated. Thank you for all that you have done to make SEE and our internship experience amazing!

Baliga, Gibbons, and Hadlock Labs 

Thank you to the Baliga, Gibbons and Hadlock Labs for allowing us to intern and be a part of your research teams this summer. We are super grateful to have this experience and it is something we will never forget. Special thanks to Baliga Systems Education Experiences for giving us and other students across the country the opportunity to be research interns and have more exposure to the STEM field. 

Alex Carr 

Thank you Alex for guiding us throughout the internship, despite your own schedule and obligations. We are so grateful for your continuous support during our project, whether that means helping us write code, meeting with us everyday, or helping us brainstorm pathways and additions to our project. Your mentorship means a lot to us and this summer was such an extraordinary experience. Thank you!! – Zainab and Onyie 

Vivek Srinivas

Thank you Vivek for your hard work and dedication to help us prosper throughout these eight weeks, and onwards! The time and attention to detail you spend when creating Google Collaboratories for us to reference are extremely helpful to our understanding. We appreciate all the extra resources you provide for us to expand our knowledge, your willingness and patience in answering any questions, and your helpful feedback in developing our presentation skills. We are truly thankful to have had you as our mentor! – Maria and Pranati

Ryan Roper 

Thank you Ryan for your always helping hand and contagious enthusiasm. We are beyond thankful for your continuous support throughout our project, your helpful insights on building the logistic regression model, and most importantly, our time spent talking and laughing together. You have made our remote internship a worthwhile experience this summer and it has been an incredible privilege to be your very first intern pair. Thank you for your belief in us and for helping make our vision come to life! – Yannell and Kalea 

Jennifer Hadlock 

Thank you Jenn for your incredible vision and support throughout this internship. You have taught us so much about systems thinking, all of which we will continue to carry with us beyond our time at ISB. You have provided irreplaceable insight into our project and have made this summer an invaluable learning experience. It has been a great privilege to be the very first high school interns in the Hadlock Lab! Thank you for all your time, energy, and thoughts that helped contribute to the formation of our project! – Yannell and Kalea

And everyone else at ISB for making this summer great!