Events at ISB

Listed below are various events/meetings which ISB high school interns must attend and sometimes create themselves:

Daily Check-In

How often: Daily 

  • Rachel “checks in” on our progress with our projects, and provides us with any new information relevant to us. 

Intern Social

How often: Weekly (Friday)

  • The Intern Social is a dedicated time for just the intern cohort to meet, talk, and bond with one another. Each week, one of the interns plans out events that will be done during that time with the group. Check out our Intern Social page (link) to see some of the ideas we came up with!

RIP (Research In Progress)

How often: Weekly (Wednesday)

  • The Research in Progress is an opportunity for one of the minds of ISB to present the topic, progress, and implications of the research they have been conducting. Each week, one intern provides an introduction to the RIP topic and scientist, then we all attend the RIP. Afterwards, we all participate in a debrief where we go over our key takeaways.

Discussion Group

How often: Weekly (Thursday) 

  • Unlike other meetings, this meeting is totally optional and is usually conducted during lunch hours (12:00-1:00pm PST). Each week, ISB emails out articles on a chosen topic that will be discussed during the meeting. People from all over ISB attend to voice their opinion in an open and comfortable space. Feel free to contribute to the conversation or just listen in! 

Website Meeting

How often: Weekly (Thursday) 

  • During these meetings, all of us discuss our progress towards the development of our website, including both the individualized content and the general structure and layout. We all speak about other events that will appear on the website in some form (interviews, socials, etc.).


How often: Scheduled on a case by case basis 

  • During these meetings, the intern cohort has a chance to explore and learn from established people in various fields and career paths across ISB. It’s a chance to broaden your horizon, build connections, and interact with people you may not normally have the chance to.  Check out our Minds of ISB – ISB High School Interns 2021 ( page to see some of the amazing people we got the chance to interview this summer! 

Mentor Meetings

How often: Daily, 3 times a week, or other depending on interns and their mentor’s schedule

Kalea and Yannell (Jenn and Ryan)

  • We met with Ryan twice a week to brainstorm, plan, and develop our project. These meetings range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the complexity of where we are at. We have shorter check-ins with Jenn every other week and then a weekly 30 minute meeting with both Jenn and Ryan.

Maria and Pranti (Vivek)

  • We met with Vivek three times per week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays) and discussed machine learning, presented updates on our projects or other scientific research, and worked on analyzing Python code to move forward with our project.

Zainab and Onyie (Alex)

  • We met with our mentor every day and went over research papers, practice code, and worked on our project.

Lab Meetings

Baliga Lab

  • Baliga Lab meetings are around an hour and a half. First, Dr. Nitin Baliga gives some updates on the lab, such as papers that are being published and research that is in progress. For the first hour, someone from the lab gives a slideshow presentation on their current research. At the end, people ask a couple of questions and discuss for a little while. For the last 30 minutes, there is a core update. This can range from Education, Foundation, and more!

Gibbons Lab

  • Gibbons Lab meetings span an hour long and happen twice a month. The Gibbons Lab is focused primarily on the microbiome. During the meeting, someone from the group will give a presentation on the topic they are researching and working on. Afterwards, there is time for questions and discussion. 

Hadlock Lab

  • Hadlock Lab meetings usually span an hour long. Each week, someone from the lab gives a slideshow presentation on information from their current research topic or project. At the end of the presentation, there is time for discussion and Q&A where everyone from the lab asks insightful questions, points out areas for clarification, and provides helpful recommendations for the future.