Heat Map Analysis

Over the course of the internship, the interns filled out individual heat maps at the end of each week showing their familiarity with Systems Thinking Skills. Systems Thinking skills are common skills that are used in Systems Biology and throughout every aspect of ISB. As time progressed, the interns learned more about Systems Thinking skills and felt more confident about how to apply them throughout every aspect of their internship and projects!

Heat maps are data visualization tools used in many professional fields. They allow users to quickly and easily identify dynamic change in a system through color variations.

Lesson 2 – Systems ThinkingBaliga Systems Education Experiences (isbscience.org)

To the left is the key used for each interns heat map shown in the slideshow below!

  • Kalea Velasco-Cosare's Internship Heat Map

At the end of the internship, Rachel combined all of the heat maps into one!