Ethan Brown

Ethan Brown

Ethan is a rising senior at Cleveland STEM High School in the fall of 2018. He has an interest in sciences and biology. At school, he has taken Biomedical, Human Body Systems, Biology, AP Bio, and Medical Interventions. In all of his classes, Ethan loved lab activities, especially in his Medical Interventions class. Because of his interest in science classes, he saw the opportunity to explore more and decided to apply for this internship. In retrospective, Ethan recollects his favorite moments in Medical Interventions; In his Infectious Disease Unit, he was able to learn about Epidemiology. He also loved his Genetic Testing Unit because he was able to test his own DNA using PCR and other new technologies. Overall what made him love this class was being in a realistic lab environment, use actual lab instruments and techniques. Because of this Ethan finds science to be the most interesting than any other subjects.

Last summer Ethan had gotten the chance to be apart of STEMsub where he listened to many lectures from many different scientists. One scientist in particular that peaked Ethan’s interest was Tom Daniel and his talk about Nature Inspired Flight Technologies. While listening to his talk Ethan was able to see how engineering and science go hand in hand with each other, no matter how different the two could possibly be.  He was apart of the Neural Engineering class and had to do weekly reports on what we learned that given week. There he learned about the brain, its functions, and structure. Ethan also learned what a Brain-Computer Interface is, a device that assists human cognitive or sensory-motor functions.

Being at ISB has taught Ethan how helpful it is to have a close community. At ISB Ethan is helping to develop a curriculum, Systems Medicine, that will one day be used in high school classes. For this project he has amazing helpful people to work with, his mentors Claudia Ludwig and Becky Howsmon, also his partner Emma Laplante. He and Emma have used Halobacterium in many experiments for use in the Systems Medicine curriculum. During his time at ISB Ethan was able to listen to a diverse number of people talk; learning about new interesting topics. Topics that could be helpful in developing the curriculum.

Ethan likes to view the arts in his free time but mostly watches anything he finds interesting. He likes to watch older movies, for example, the Back to the Future trilogy, Time Machine (1960), and Planet of the Apes (1968), along with Star Wars. His favorite TV shows are Doctor Who (classic and new), House, and Steven Universe. Ethan also like to collect retro tech because he finds the technology that was once used in older time periods very interesting. His favorite music genre is classic rock. Ethan wants to explore more options in the future so he can pursue the best school for him. So he can learn about new things that will hopefully be the best fit for his future career.

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