Application Tips

Application Tips

  • In the “additional documents” part of the application, it’s a good idea to include a cover letter. Use this to explain why you’d be suited for ISB and how you would fit into their program, and to elaborate on your extracurricular and interests that the essays couldn’t convey.


  • The Project Feed 1010 ambassador program is separate from the summer internship. During the summer, ambassadors learn about sustainable agriculture and systems approaches to think about this situation. Throughout the school year, ambassadors return to their communities to pass on what they’ve learned, often in some capacity at their school.


  • You are going to receive lots of emails throughout the application process. How you respond to those emails is important! Be professional and responsive, and if you miss something or mess up somehow, fix it with a follow-up email. That shows you care!


  • Emphasize your passion for scientific research!


  • If you get a phone interview, look over the projects page of the intern websites as well as the Baliga lab website and start thinking about which projects are interesting to you and what you’d be suited for. Look at any link they send you.


  • Discuss specifically what you are interested in researching. It’s for your benefit to have ideas for specific projects and areas of research you’d want to work on. The interview committee will be looking to place you with a partner with similar interests and most likely have you work on existing research or projects.


  • Don’t forget to be yourself! We’re all human, and they don’t expect anyone to have the most eloquent answer to every question. The most important thing is to portray yourself and your interests as accurately and completely as possible so that they can choose an effective team for the summer!


  • Being nervous is normal! Coming from the interviewer herself: being nervous for an interview just indicates that you really care.