A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

Here is a sample day from one of our interns:

7:30 am Get on the bus to come to South Lake Union!

8:20 am Get off the bus and walk to ISB

8:30 am Arrive at ISB, check emails/calendar, work on a Python code to model bacterial growth from a gigantic spreadsheet of raw data!

9:30 am Dilution of bacteria growth from overnight to an optical density of 0.4

11:00 am Interview with a scientist

12:00 pm Lunch! There are tons of food trucks and restaurants in South Lake Union, and ISB has a cool lunch room and places to eat as well.

1:00 pm Working with one of our mentors on editing our Python code to better model our data! Selecting the raw data to create a meaningful and accurate computational depiction can be difficult, but there are a ton of scientists around to help!

2:00 pm Coffee break!

3:00 pm After 5.5 hours, our samples from 9:30 are ready to be examined under a confocal microscope. We took pictures and recorded data from our observations!

5:00 pm Time to head home!