Nitin Baliga, PhD

Nitin Baliga is the head of Baliga Lab, the lab that six of the ISB interns are working under. It was interesting to hear him speak about his path to ISB and his path towards founding the very program that gives us interns the opportunity to work at ISB. Dr. Baliga stressed the importance of  being open to trying new things and challenging yourself to push past others’ expectations, two skills that served as stepping stones in his journey to where he is now. He explained his responsibilities: forming the lab’s vision, training and recruiting scientists, gaining seed investments, and many more. Dr. Baliga also answered questions about SEE, the education program within his lab, explaining his passion for mentoring and teaching. Due to an education outreach grant requirement, he brought students into his lab and, enjoying the interaction with students, this program expanded each year, becoming what it is today. Dr. Baliga emphasized the importance of conceptual thinking and advised us to ask questions, find mentors and find what excites you and build from there.


“When faced with adversity, turn it into a challenge to motivate yourself”

“Don’t be afraid of failure”

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