Nathan Price, PhD

During our interview with Dr. Price, we discussed the development and challenges surrounding scientific wellness, the future of health care as well as the promising success of systems biology in the numerous other projects he is working on. Dr. Price received his PhD in bioengineering from University of California San Diego and completed his post doc at ISB, where he co founded Arivale and serves as a director of the Hood-Price lab. Dr. Price emphasized the huge potential of systems approaches to curing chronic diseases as well as the changing landscape of healthcare from procedures to outcomes based. By laying out the modern shift to P4 medicine, Dr. Price helped us understand the role of our projects in preventing disease as well as the ways in which chronic ailments such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and poor biological aging can be eliminated.


“Try to focus on doing something good every day and if you have enough good days in a row, you’ll end up succeeding in your field”

“Science has become such a worldwide enterprise that it has brought so many people together and is now a universal language”

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ISB High School Interns 2020