Sarah Logman

Sarah Logman is a rising senior at Cleveland STEM high school in Seattle, Washington. She is currently in the running start program and completing her Associates of Science this upcoming year. Sarah participates in numerous school clubs and college readiness programs for students of color. This includes University of Washington Math Science Upward Bound, University of Washington Making Connections, University of Washington Girls Who Code, Freshman Vice president, Sophomore President, Volleyball, Black Student Union, African Student Association, and Washington State Achievers. Sarah also enjoys volunteering at her local Ethiopian Community Center as well as Horn of Africa Services to help mentor and tutor children in her free time. She also loves to spend quality time with her family and friends watching movies and reading more about her religion of Islam. 

At ISB Sarah was chosen as a Systems Medicine Intern. This was an amazing opportunity that she was thrilled to be a part of. Sarah describes herself as being encouraging, innovative, and a critical thinker at ISB. This summer, Sarah has participated in multiple modules at ISB such as learning about P4 medicine, the human gut microbiome, health care inequity, the future of STEM, as well as many other modules. With her partner Kanwulia, Sarah also helped develop a curriculum aimed towards helping thousands of students nationwide. One of her favorite modules was learning about the current COVID-19 virus from scientists working on vaccines. This allowed Sarah to receive an insider scoop of a scientist’s day to day life amid a pandemic. She learned about possible cures, why the virus is deadly towards some more than others, as well as how the body reacts to the virus.

To all high school students interested in an internship that allows them to see your fullest potential, Sarah highly encourages you to apply to this summer internship. Sarah has received the opportunity to combine all of your interests in STEM, as well as receive amazing mentorship from Becky, Claudia, and Rachel. Even despite the COVID-19 pandemic, she has definitely made friends and mentors of a lifetime. 

To any future Interns, I would love to help you in any way possible! Feel free to email me at 🙂


ISB High School Interns 2020