Russell Myers

Russell Myers is a rising senior at Interlake High School who has recently completed his International Baccalaureate Diploma. In his senior year, he is excited to take part in a research institute as part of his curriculum. Outside of school, he participates in clubs such as Science Olympiad, National Honor Society and the Interlake Swim Team. For fun, he enjoys swimming, reading about tech and watching comedy series such as Community and Silicon Valley.

At ISB, Russell worked in the Hood-Price Lab using Python and SKATO to find the correlation between the genetic variants and various blood measurements with Alzheimer’s Disease. During the internship, he learned much about statistical analysis of large-volume multi omic data and its applications. His favorite part of the internship was how helpful everybody was–no matter how trivial my questions were there was always somebody happy to help. Through the internship, he has learned many important skills such as coding, networking, analyzing big-data and communicating virtually. This internship has helped him realize the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to solving biological problems. In college, he hopes to major in neuroscience and utilize computer science to understand and interact with biology.


ISB High School Interns 2020