Julie Thatcher

During our interview Julie Thatcher, the Director of Sponsored Projects at ISB, gave us insights on the grant writing and approval processes. Julie explained her background in academic administration before she joined research administration and the differences between the fields. Her job includes finding grants, negotiating awards, and overseeing the grant submissions process at ISB. Julie’s department helps scientists write grant components, plan budgets, and oversee compliance to the grant’s guidelines. Her role at ISB is integral to the funding of the research and projects at ISB. Julie shared components of good grant writing, agencies and institutes where ISB applies for grants, considerations for picking a grant, and typical number of grants ISB submits. Julie provided us with insight on the behind-the-scenes components in research and potential careers in science besides research.


“How you write actually matters”

Link to Profile: https://isbscience.org/bio/julie-thatcher/

ISB High School Interns 2020