Jim Heath, PhD

During this internship we had the opportunity to interview multiple scientists at the Institute Systems of Biology. One of them being James R. Heath; the president of ISB. Dr. Heath explains his career as an Experimental Oncologist. Dr. Heath’s educational path consists of attending Baylor University for his Bachelors and Rice University for his Masters and PhD in Chemistry. At ISB he is currently conducting a research study on 200 COVID-19 patients to better understand the role the immune system plays in the virus’ impact on each individual. Dr. Heath emphasizes the importance of a systems approach in science and advocates for students to constantly remain curious, be ambitious, and to always take on challenges.


“Systems approach is how to get a cell sufficient picture. Without it you’re the blind man on the elephant.”

“You want to be uncomfortable in science. Once you’re comfortable, science is not for you.”

“Science is a very creative endeavor so create big.”

Link To Profile: https://isbscience.org/bio/james-r-heath/

ISB High School Interns 2020