Myles Vinh Farr

Myles VF Bio Pic

Myles is a senior at Garfield High School in the Central District of Seattle. While his focus is in STEM, he still thinks writing and history are extremely important in developing one’s critical thinking. Outside of school, he plays jazz piano at a semi-professional level, performing at locations around Seattle. Particularly because of the improvisational nature of jazz, he’s been pushed to think more creatively and to live in the moment. In jazz, errors can always be turned into opportunities, and Myles has tried to push this philosophy into his everyday life, striving to not dwell on mistakes, instead focusing on how they can be leveraged into a chance to learn. Myles plays Ultimate Frisbee for Garfield, and has competed in the High School National invite. He especially enjoys how Frisbee players are competitive, but that this does not hinder good sportsmanship and the spirit of the game. Myles also enjoys running and woodworking because of their deeply introspective nature and their focus on personal gains.

Myles has been fascinated with biology and research from a young age. He has always been intrigued by how things work. This has led him to consider pursuing engineering in college, but through a bioinformatics camp he attended in middle school, he came to realize that biology is much more than laboratory work.  The ISB high school internship appealed to Myles because of how interdisciplinary it is, giving him an opportunity to see how computer science, technology, and biology intersect, and while there he learned just how important collaboration is for scientists in the real world.