Arwa Iqbal

Arwa is an incoming senior at Skyline High School. In addition to being an IB Diploma Candidate, she loves being active in her school and community. She is extremely involved in KEY club, being the Director of Publicity last year and getting elected to be Secretary this year. With her fellow board and the club’s members, Arwa has raised money for many organizations such as the Thirst Project, Relay for Life, UNICEF, and much more. She also loves meeting new people through fundraisers or leadership events sponsored by this club. In addition, Arwa will be president of her school’s biology club this upcoming year. She is excited to spread her love of biology to her peers through this leadership role. Another thing Arwa prioritizes is mental health, and creating a friendly environment in a stressful space. As a result, she has been the secretary of teen link for the past 2 years. Arwa finally actively participates in Club Med and National Honor Society to enhance her love for healthcare and be a more supportive person in her community. In her free time, outside of school, Arwa loves interacting with young patients by volunteering at Bellevue Seattle Children’s. She also loves spreading her passion of science and math to 3rd- 5th grade girls through a small non-profit organization called GRISM. Finally she has an avid adoration for food (specifically chocolate), skiing, and spending time with her friends and family.
Arwa’s love for medicine and healthcare began early on when she discovered how unpredictable this science is. Through her increased biological classes, medical summer camps, and extracurriculars, Arwa’s desire to take part in this unpredictability only grew. While her mind on the specifics often change, Arwa currently aspires to go into pediatrics or cardiology. After ISB, Arwa is eager to head into healthcare with a new systems and preventive outlook on medicine and to work collaboratively with others to improve the practice of healthcare.