Chhy Chhy Yeak

Chhy Chhy is an incoming senior at Highline High School and a full-time Running Start student at Highline College. She hopes to pursue a degree in the biological sciences while being  involved in her high school’s clubs: BioXms, National Honors Society, and varsity tennis. Outside of school, she loves to volunteer at the Tukwila Pantry Food Bank to help a community in need. Moreover, she is a Patient Care volunteer at the Highline Hospital, where she aids the busy nurses and sick patients. Chhy Chhy was also awarded the AAUW’s Certificate of Excellence in Math and a nationwide Certificate of Completion as the Top 50 summer project at Camp Kahn. This year, she was selected to be one of the scholars in the Community Health Professions Academy program at UW, where she got to explore a variety of careers in the healthcare field. In her free time, she likes to volunteer, listen to podcasts, and open pomegranates. 

Chhy Chhy’s passion for science began at a young age, where instead of playing with dolls and toys, she liked to play pretend dentist and wrap bandages on her family’s wounds. While she is currently interested in the dental field, she will stay open-minded about other career options. She first began exploring in a dental clinic, continued onto the hospital, and now, the research field. Chhy Chhy believes that research is important because it is the foundation of science and it has led to incredible changes for the way people live. She will continue to be an ambassador for improving and caring for others’ well being. She is also a strong advocate for the educational side of science. Chhy Chhy believes that all students should have the opportunity to grow, be challenged, and enjoy the process of learning along the way.