Alex Carr

Graduate Student

401 Terry Ave N

My current interests lie within the realms of microbial ecology and evolution. I’m interested in how interspecies interactions and environmental factors facilitate the formation and functions of microbial communities. I’m also interested in the ways by which these communities adapt to changes in their environment, and the roles they play in both the environment and human health. While at ISB I hope to develop a deeper understanding of the complex interspecies and evolutionary dynamics of soil and human gut microbial communities through the characterization of individual species and synthetic consortia. As a member of the ENIGMA team I’m investigating the roles nitrate reducing-bacteria play in the soil environment and am trying to develop synthetic consortia to elucidate potential interspecies interactions.


Carr A, Diener C, Baliga NS, Gibbons SM. Use and abuse of correlation analyses in microbial ecology. ISME J. 2019 Jun 28;