Kally Chamberlain

High School Intern

School: Ingraham High School

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kallychamberlain


Kally Chamberlain is an Intern from Ingraham High School working in the Baliga Lab. Completing the IB program as a junior allowed Kally to work at ISB during her senior year. In the mornings she attends band and running start classes, then spends her afternoons here in the lab. Despite not attending core classes at school she stays involved in the community through Track and Field and various clubs such as HOSA. Pursuing a year-long internship has allowed her to work on more long term projects and curriculum development. 

Currently Kally is performing an adaptation and evolution experiment with Halobacterium and later plans to observe the effect of combined environmental stressors on the organism and Its mutants. Adjustments to these experiments are being tested to make their replication accessible in all high school classrooms. Kally is passionate about making high level STEM education available to all students, which combined with a drive to learn more about the natural world makes this internship a perfect fit for her. These projects range from researching, then teaching students, about resilience and collapse of complex systems, environmental effects on post translational modification and ribosome diversity, along with the Rules of Life curriculum. This is done in collaboration with the education team and Baliga Lab scientists. 

Her experiences in the Baliga Lab taught and helped refine her laboratory technique and pushed her to dive into learning and design ways to test her questions. From starting at ISB as an ambassador with the Bioengineering a Sustainable World 2021 she is thrilled to stay part of the ISB community.