Baliga Lab researchers and collaborators found that genetic program activity delineates risk, relapse, and therapy responsiveness in multiple myeloma

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ISB researchers Drs. Matt Wall, Serdar Turkarslan, Nitin Baliga, and others, along with collaborators, have developed a technology to generate a patient-specific disease-relevance network map to accurately predict risk, personalize therapies, and discover novel drug targets for solid and liquid tumors.

ISB Creates PerSort, a New Cell Sorting Technology Aimed at Studying Drug Tolerance and Shortening Tuberculosis Treatment

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ISB researchers Dr. Nitin Baliga, Dr. Eliza Peterson and Dr. Vivek Srinivas have developed a new cell sorting technology, called PerSort, that isolates and characterizes dormant persisters that exist in cultures of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the pathogen that causes tuberculosis. The […]

Amy Zamora, ISB Systems Research Scholar, describes her experiences at ISB

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Amy Zamora joined ISB in August as a Systems Research Scholar.

The Systems Research Scholars Program (SRSP) is a two-year program that provides recent college undergraduates a springboard to become the next generation’s pioneers of interdisciplinary scientific research. The fully funded SRSP provides scholars mentorship by ISB faculty and immersion in the scientific research of ISB.