GaggleBridge: collaborative data analysis

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Florian Battke, Stephan Symons, Alexander Herbig and Kay Nieselt at the University of Tuebingen published a paper on their GaggleBridge software. GaggleBridge transparently extends Gaggle to allow data exchange between users at different geographic locations using network communication. GaggleBridge can automatically set up SSH tunnels to traverse firewalls while adding security features.

GaggleBridge is available as open-source software at

The Gaggle Systems Bioinformatics Workshop 2011

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The Institute for Systems Biology hosted a workshop focusing on interoperability between bioinformatics software tools, bringing together over 40 software developers and scientists for discussion and collaboration. The format was one day of talks, followed on the second day, by a hackathon, a forum for coding, discussion, informal presentations and collaboration.

Thanks to all who participated!

Visit the workshop site for more information.