Wei-Ju Wu

Software Engineer

401 Terry Ave N

Degree: MS Computer Science

Areas of Expertise: Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Software Design

Links: https://github.com/baliga-lab

Why I got into Science:

I have always been intrigued by using software techniques to help understand scientific processes, in particularly to fight diseases. I was fortunate enough that my university offered me the opportunity to combine computer science and biochemistry and be part of an Immunology research lab. Later I was lucky to contribute to the software for conducting studies for the development of the first FDA approved blood-based colon cancer product Epi proColon.

Research Highlights:

cmonkey2: The task was to create an improved implementation of the cmonkey algorithm in the programming language Python. Improvements were made in the areas of performance, usability, maintainability and distribution. In order to achieve this we created a modular, flexible and highly configurable architecture based on open web standards and best practices. cmonkey2 is easy to install through pypi.python.org.

EGRIN2: My task is to maintain and improve the usability and performance of the EGRIN2 toolset as well as simplifying the way the generated data is stored, represented and visualized.


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