Anne Robertson

Anne Robertson is a senior at Issaquah High School. She has demonstrated interest in nearly every branch of science by her activities, which range from co-leadership of the Issaquah High School Chemistry Club to participation in building an energy and water-independent shower for a science competition to her rigorous internship in systems biology with ISB.

Not only does Anne highly value intellectual collaboration among researchers, but she strongly supports the movement to incorporate ‘hands-on’ science in the classroom, one of the main goals of Baliga Lab. Anne was thrilled to be a part of the community atmosphere that permeates the Institute, and she was continuously inspired by the intellectual diversity that constantly surrounded her in the lab. She spent the greater portion of her internship in the lab helping to design and run experiments under two projects: the metabolic study of an anaerobic sulfur-reducing bacterium (or SRB) called Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough (DvH) and the optimization of the growth of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, an algal species used in biofuel production.

Anne has an overarching passion for sustainability, which she shows not only through her desire to help engineer environmentally friendly biofuels with the algae project, but also through a second internship with the Sustainability Ambassadors, participation in the clean-energy competition Imagine Tomorrow, co-leadership of Issaquah High School’s Green Team, and close to 200 hours of volunteering with Mountains to Sound Greenway. Her devotion to the environment and to collaborative work towards a more sustainable future was part of what inspired her to apply for this internship.

She also values being involved with the community, which she does through her involvement with the Issaquah Youth Advisory board, volunteering with Chemistry Club, and refereeing soccer.

In her free time, Anne enjoys hiking, playing soccer, gardening, and spending time with friends and family. She hopes to pursue a future in biology or civil engineering.

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