ISB's Words of Wisdom...

"I work in a place where people are just as happy to be wrong as they are to be right." - Dr. Sissy Bouchard

"Be flexible, look at data in more than one way, and have a broad view of what society is ready for."
      - Dr. Richard Gelinas

“[Scientific Research] is a profession in which you’ll be a student for the rest of your life.” - Dr. Naeha Subramanian

“The lab is the world...We can learn a lot from the real world by capturing it." - Dr. Nathan Price

"If you already know what you want to discover, it’s not going to be profound...There are two ways to be on top in the competitive field of scientific research: Either you are very quick (in doing the obvious) or you are very original (but slower)”
      - Dr. Sui Huang

“When you make a discovery, that’s when you say ‘Wow- I did that!’. No one can take that from you.”
      - Dr. Robert Moritz

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