2010 Summer Interns - Links
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Halo Links:

General Halobacteria information

The Chemistry behind Halobacteria

California’s Pink Lakes

NASA’s work with Halobacteria

Halobacteria as seen from Google Earth (you’ll need to install Google Earth for this page)


Halobacteria Articles:

Halobacterium NRC-1’s Genome
Life in the Dead Sea

Halo on Mars?


Systems Biology Videos:

Systems Technology

The Institute for Systems Biology (with Music)

“DNA of Innovation: Lee Hood at the Leading Edge”

Systems Biology Defined

Systems Biology Influencing the Future

Nitin’s Advice to Undergraduates

“A New Frontier: Systems Biology”

Biology Videos:


GTCA (the Bio-Rad YMCA)

DNA Replication Rap


The DNA Song

Meiosis Square Dance


Technology Animations:

General Biotechnology Animations

Is Science in Your Future? Find out!

General Biology Animations

General Technology Animations

Cell Biology Animations

Biology Animations (a compilation of most of the above sites)


Internship Opportunities:

Undergraduate Internships

High School Internships in Washington State


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