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During our internship, we had the opportunity to gain lab experience and learn microbiological techniques through our investigations. Most of our investigations were related to working with Halobacterium salinarum, like the salinity lab and dark vs. light lab. In the salinity lab, we studied the growth of Halo in different salt concentrations. For the dark vs. light lab, we wanted to determine how initial light conditions of Halo cultures affect their growth in a lighted environment.


1. Salinity Lab
2. Dark vs. Light Lab
3. Spectrophotometer Lab
4. Milk Fat Lab

Some of the investigations we completed were testing curriculum and equipment for science classrooms. We even got to calibrate a spectrophotometer using Halobacterium salinarum and Hawaiian Punch. We tested out the milk fat lab in which we demonstrated Beer’s Law using milky water and saw what situations cause light to be transmitted and scattered. Another lab we tested was the OPAMP circuit, where we made an amplifier using breadboarding methods.

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