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About the Interns

Pramod Chavali

Hi, I'm Pramod Chavali, a senior (to be) in Redmond High School. I am interested in biology and physics and mathematics and most other sciences. I also like biking and hiking (though I am by no means a serious biker or hiker). I am planning to major in bioengineering, but I don't know what I'll do after that. I'm thinking of going into medschool, but I'm keeping my options open.I really enjoyed my experience here at ISB, and though it was a great way to learn about some of the other career options available in science, such as that of a researcher.

Neela Vahora

Hello, my name is Neela Vahora and I am a senior at Health Sciences and Human Services High School. I am interested in medical microbiology-the study of pathogenic microbes. I really enjoyed my experience here at ISB because I got to understand how research is done in a lab. After having the opportunity to interview people of different career pathways, I came to understand how a research institute like ISB functions and how a research lab is equally dependent on research associates as it is on senior research scientists.
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