Georgia Jellen

Georgia Jellen will be a senior at Holy Names Academy, Seattle in the fall of 2017. Her passion to serve others and her intellectual curiosity peaked her scientific interests. Her participation in FIRST Robotics, service at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, and shadowing at a veterinary office are all experiences which allow her to confirm her attraction to scientific fields.

Georgia participates in Holy Names Academy's FIRST Robotics Team. Since the beginning of her sophomore year of high school, Georgia has been a devoted participant and leader for other team members. Georgia is currently the team's Engineering Captain, where she is able to develop and spread her appreciation for science and engineering. In the 2016-17 school year, Georgia was voted Most Inspirational Team Member by her robotics teammates and was a FIRST Dean's List Semifinalist.

Since the age of four years old, one of Georgia's greatest commitments has been horse riding. Georgia appreciates the constant new challenges of rising through levels in horse riding. She competes in 4-H, a program which teaches responsibility, leadership, and dedication. In 2017, Georgia is the President of her 4-H club, where she is able to be a positive role model for youth.

Georgia enjoys to spread her love of science through her service to others in the community. She is a dedicated volunteer at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, where people with disabilities learn to ride horses. From her experience at Little Bit, Georgia has become fascinated with human disease, and has become compelled to aid in this area of study. Through FIRST Robotics, Georgia also volunteers at Seattle World School, where she aided the rookie team to have a successful first year. She appreciated watching these students, whose second language is English, grow in their own confidence through learning engineering skills. Because of her commitment both to academics and community outreach, in the 2016-17 school year Georgia was awarded the Saint Michael's Book Award for Academic Achievement with a Social Conscience.

In her future, Georgia hopes to combine her passion for science with her love for community service. Although Georgia has not yet exactly defined her path, she is certain that she will further her education in either in biology or engineering pathways. Throughout her lifetime, Georgia hopes to make a positive difference in her community by applying her appreciation for the sciences.

This summer, Georgia worked on the Anaerobic Syntrophic Communities project with Lauren Holbrook. Some of her favorite parts of the internship were applying her scientific knowledge to real world experiments and learning about the many different backgrounds of ISB employees. You can read more about her experience on the Projects page!

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