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Education Symposium 2003

Institute for Systems Biology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Keck Graduate Institute Co-host 2003 International Symposium on Systems Biology and Human Disease

April Event Featured Global Leaders in Predictive and Preventive Medicine

The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Keck Graduate Institute co-hosted Systems Biology and Human Disease, an international symposium featuring global leaders in predictive and preventive medicine. Speakers represented the areas of immunity, infectious disease, and the genetics and genomics of diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

         Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels speaks to the symposium attendees
The Symposium was a major success with more than 200 people in attendance. The Symposium began with a keynote address from Joseph Goldstein, 1985 Nobel laureate, recognized for his contributions to understanding heart disease. The mayor of Seattle, Greg Nickels, also addressed the group on the potential impact of biotechnology on the future economic vitality of the Puget Sound region.

The symposium explored the frontiers of systems approaches to human diseases, which will play an integral role in ushering in a new type of medicine over the next 10-20 years -- moving us from a medicine that is largely reactive to a predictive, preventive and personalized medicine.

 Featured Speakers and Presentation Abstracts

Alan Aderem -- Director, Institute for Systems Biology
Rafi Ahmed -- Director, Emory Vaccine Center, Emory University School of Medicine
Joe Goldstein -- Professor and Chairman, Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
Lee Hartwell -- President and Director, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Leroy Hood -- President, Institute for Systems Biology
Richard Klausner -- Executive Director of Global Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Leonid Kruglyak -- Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Associate Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Lucy Shapiro -- Professor, Department of Developmental Biology, Stanford University School of Medicine
Kenneth Stuart -- Professor and Chair of the Department of Pathobiology, University of Washington; President and Director, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (SBRI)
Raimond Winslow -- Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Richard Young -- Member, Whitehead Institute; Professor of Biology, MIT

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